PWSLab External User License Policy

PWSLab External User License Policy


The External User License Policy is primarily for the benefit of customers who want to add temporary External users in PWSLab. This is offered because we don’t want you to follow a cumbersome or inefficient way of accepting external code contributions into your projects, citing pricing reasons.

External users/developers are Freelancers/part-time resources who generally work less than 40 hrs per week and contribute code to your company’s projects in PWSLab.


  1. Pricing for an External user will be only 25% of the Regular user License pricing.
    For example - If the monthly license cost for a user in Standard Plan is ₹1500 then the monthly license cost for an External user will be 25% of ₹1500 i.e. ₹375 only.

  2. External users should not be given a company email address to access PWSLab. This is a strict precaution taken to avoid any code-theft or access to unauthorized resources within PWSLab. They can access PWSLab with their Personal email address only.

  3. At the time of user creation, the Admin should add the Freelancer/Part-time resource as an External user only. If you create them as a Regular user, it will be automatically considered as a Regular user. Learn more about an External user in PWSLab and how to create them.

  4. Customers have to share the expected number of External users in advance every month (in the last week of the current month), as invoices will be raised manually for this kind of engagement.
    For example – For October, you have to share the expected External users, by the last week of September.

  5. If the number of External User Licenses requested in advance is less/more than the actual licenses used in that month then the difference amount will be adjusted in the next month’s invoice.
    For example – If you expect 50 External users to be added in October, you share this figure with us by the last week of September. So October’s invoice will include the payment for all Regular users and 50 External users. But, if by any chance you have created only 30 External users in October, the difference amount collected for the remaining 20 External users will be adjusted in the November’s invoice. 
Note - For any reason, if you fail to share the expected number of External User Licenses, we will by default consider a request for the same number of users as the previous month.


If you have any specific billing-related questions regarding your PWSLab subscription, you can send an email directly to PeerXP’s billing team at

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