Billing Policy for PWSLab Accounts

Billing Policy for PWSLab Accounts


PeerXP offers a DevOps as a Service solutions for enterprises - PWSLab. Pricing plans are based on the number of users/projects for different PWSLab products and services. 

If your team doesn't fit neatly into one of the Pricing plan tiers stated on the website, that's absolutely fine - reach out to us at and we’ll design a custom plan that works for you.

We personally onboard everyone to make sure you get started on the right foot.

Subscription types

You can choose Monthly, or Annual payment options for PWSLab DAAS billing, and you can switch from monthly to annual payments anytime.

And you can also upgrade from the Starter plan to any other plan and switch between the Standard and Enterprise plans. Contact us at if you want to make a change.

Monthly Subscription: invoices will be automatically raised on the 1st of every month. For new customers, any previous month's billing-days will be adjusted in the first month's invoice. 
Annual Subscription: invoices will be raised for 1 year in advance. For Enterprise customers, customized billing options like Quarterly, Half-yearly are available.

Payment Terms

For a monthly subscription, an invoice will be raised on the 1st of every month and there will be a 15 days’ time window for clearing the invoice failing which, 15 more days will be offered as a Grace period to clear the overdue invoice. 
Invoices pending for more than 30 days (15 Days Payment Window + Grace Period) will incur 2% late fee charges, cumulatively every month.
For example, an invoice that is overdue by 2 months (60 days) will incur 4% late fee charges on the invoice amount.

Payment Modes

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and UPI. We also accept payment via Direct Bank transfer or Check transfer.

TDS Policy

For TDS policy on PWSLab invoices, pls refer TDS Policy

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